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United Controls International (UCI) has a history of industry reliability with roots that date back to the 1960s, when we operated as a division of Reliance Electric’s Custom Controls Division. We have been in operation as UCI since 1985, and while our capabilities have grown, our demonstrated commitment to reliable, high-quality solutions for our customers has not changed. UCI’s current ownership continues our long tradition of innovation and quality, promoting a progressive approach to delivering relevant solutions for safe and efficient nuclear power plant operations globally.

How We Operate

At United Controls International (UCI), we apply an inter-departmental, collaborative approach to developing innovative solutions for our customers’ needs. Each customer project combines the resources, experience, and innovation of a team of specialists led by a dedicated project manager with certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Our project teams are committed to earning your trust and establishing personal relationships with you and your team. This type of relationship provides you with unparalleled customer service and responsiveness. Our staff is available 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers.

We understand that every facility and system is different, meaning your needs can be both complex and unique. Your solutions—and the proactive schedule our team follows to bring them from design to reality—are customized to the unique requirements of the individual project, ensuring that you have the right solutions for every need.

We also believe that a nuclear safety culture is paramount in the nuclear industry. We have implemented an employee concern program based on the Nuclear Energy Institutes latest Guidelines.

United Controls International is a pioneer in the implementation of the latest NRC regulation guides. UCI has possessed a nuclear quality assurance program since 1974. The program regularly receives a NUPIC and NIAC audit to verify all 10CFR Appendix B Program and NQA-1 requirements are met. UCI also applies ISO 9001:2015 to ensure a higher standard of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Proven Quality

UCI continues to serve as an industry leader in innovative nuclear power solutions in all of our areas of service. Our progressive approach means that we are not limited to current solutions; rather, we look ahead towards future opportunities and developments. Some of the unique products of this approach include:

  • NukeTape®—recognizing an unfulfilled need in the industry, UCI developed and extensively tested this splicing tape for a variety of nuclear, harsh-environment, safety, and non-safety applications.
  • Nuclear Training Institute (NTI)—founded in 2010 to keep companies current with evolving industry standards. NTI is dedicated to providing world-class training for auditors, engineers, project managers, and other key staffing positions.
  • Reverse Engineering—in order to meet the increasing challenge of obsolete components in nuclear applications, UCI’s reverse engineering and product conversion program designs, enhances, verifies, and tests innovative solutions. We have had success with equipment including reactor probes, power supplies, switch modules, as well as diesel radiators and tanks.

At UCI, we are committed to meeting your needs with innovation and reliability. United Controls International—The Quality Behind the Power.