Motor Services

Motor Testing Services

United Controls International (UCI) provides a variety of motor-shop services to meet customer requirements for the testing inspection, repair, and rewinding of electric motors. All UCI motor services are held to 10CFR50 Appendix B and audited by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee.

Our certified team of motor specialists has extensive experience with nearly every type of electric motor utilized in nuclear power applications. UCI’s motor services maintain safety-related motors designed for use in a range of environmental conditions.

General motor-shop services available include:

  • New motor performance testing
  • Refurbishment
  • Repair
  • Rewind
  • On-site services

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UCI provides motor-shop services through a combination of in-house and partnering lab work efforts. Our witnessing system ensures that the same rigid industry standards we use are applied to our partnering facilities, preventing variations in quality. Motor-shop projects include an inventory and inspection of all motor components and part storage in accordance with nuclear storage requirements.

New Motor Performance Testing

For new motors, we provide initial testing and inspection to ensure that they operate within the manufacturer’s standards. Our testing is governed by a documented dedication procedure for the evaluation of new motors, and any tests provided by partnering labs are witnessed by UCI personnel.


UCI’s specialists and partnering facilities are capable of refurbishing a wide range of motors. They conduct a full analysis and provide a report on mechanisms responsible for the failure of the motor. Refurbishing processes restore the motor to performance in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Older models no longer supported by the manufacturer can also be refurbished. All refurbishment projects utilize UCI’s quality assurance (QA) process, aligning our specialists’ work efforts with the highest standards in the industry.


UCI motor repair projects begin with a comprehensive initial inspection and testing process. Our specialists perform the repairs indicated by the repair list, following manufacturer specifications and customer-specific requirements. During the repairs, we adhere to a thorough and documented QA process for safety and non-safety projects.


Proper motor rewinds are essential for maintaining safe motor operation. Motors should be rewound at the regular intervals suggested by the manufacturer to prevent insulation breakdown and other wear-and-tear issues. UCI provides comprehensive rewind services to keep customers’ motors performing safely and to specification.

We perform multiple tests during the rewind process to ensure safety and functionality. For example, we apply an infrared camera to search for hot spots in the mechanism and generate a thermography report. We also perform Vacuum Pressure Impregnation to press resin into the tape on the motor, preventing insulation breakdown. Electrical tests are applied to evaluate electric motor components, and all motor material is dedicated as a part of the rewind procedure.

On-site Services

In order to fill all customer needs for motor maintenance, UCI offers in-house and on-site services. UCI motor specialists travel to client plants to repair or refurbish motors that are in service or stored in backup inventory.

At UCI, we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the nuclear industry. Our efforts for the improvement of current motor technology are a part of this commitment. Motor maintenance and innovation is another way that we provide the Quality Behind the Power.