About NTI

Training is critical to keeping your company up to date with evolving industry standards. The Nuclear Training Institute (NTI) was founded in 2010 by nuclear industry veterans to provide relevant courses for development of nuclear industry professionals. NTI is dedicated to providing world class training for the nuclear power industry. The focus at the Nuclear Training Institute is to work with auditors, engineers, project managers and other key staffing positions to ensure they have the tools necessary for driving compliance and organizational success.

Our instructors include a diverse combination of seasoned nuclear industry and subject matter experts. They work within the industry and with organizations such as the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC), the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC), the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the NIST Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Our instructors’ repertoire include: experts in audit techniques, business and academic professionals experienced in training and project development, and experts in quality and process management.

In addition to nuclear training, the Nuclear Training Institute (NTI) provides internal and external auditing services, as well as quality program development and management consulting. (NIAC 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, ANSI N45.2.23, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025)

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Training Facility

NTI's Atlanta training facility is located inside United Controls International (UCI). The classes occur in a classroom style lecture hall with capacity for more than forty participants. There are also adjoining traditional style conference rooms used for breakout sessions. Upon request, NTI is also capable of delivering training at client locations.