United Controls International (UCI) has an organizational philosophy that encourages the search for, and development of, new and better products and processes for the future. This philosophy of innovation has led to the development of UCI’s NukeTape®.

NukeTape® is suited for insulating virtually any splice or terminal used in both mild and harsh environments. NukeTape® adheres only to itself and begins vulcanization instantly when applied. It is fully bonded within 24 hours using no heat and can be put to use immediately making critical repairs simpler, faster and easier. NukeTape® can be removed with a utility knife with no residue left behind.

Note: Qualification Report is available upon request.

For further information, download our NukeTape® Brochure or contact UCI’s Sales Team at

Tape Characteristics

  • Self-bonding – No adhesive required
  • Self-cleaning and is not vulnerable to dirt and skin oils
  • Excellent Thermal Resistance – Up to 400°F continuous use
  • Waterproof – Less than 3% water absorption; 48 hour immersion
  • Arc-Track Resistant
  • Weather and Ozone Resistant (-60 F to 400 F)
  • Material: Modified Silicone Rubber

Tape Qualification Summary

NukeTape® has completed environmental qualification testing in accordance with IEEE 383-1974 and is considered qualified for harsh environment applications both inside and outside containment. Environmental parameters include the following:

  • Qualified Life at 178°F for 40 years
  • Radiation Exposure Total Integrated Dose of 2.0 X 10ˆ8 for 5KV splices and a TID of > 1.18 x 10ˆ8 Rads for all other splice configurations.
  • LOCA/HELB simulation
  • NukeTape® has also successfully passed IEEE 383 flame testing, submergence testing in 90°C water for 30 days, and a short time steam test at 400°F.