Experienced Panel Design Fabrication & Integration Services

Panel Design, Fabrication, and Integration

At United Controls International (UCI), we make it our goal to provide innovative solutions for the entire range of our customers’ nuclear generation needs. As a part of this goal, we provide extensive control panel services, from design to integration, to a global clientele. UCI completes projects scaled to the specific needs of our customers, from a single control panel to a system incorporating hundreds. Each assembly project is subject to our detailed quality assurance program, and all equipment is properly dedicated and qualified to meet industry standards.

UCI’s process for panel projects combines efficiency with quality. We work with customers through every step of the process to ensure that the project structure meets their needs, and we apply our extensive expertise to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Our teams’ schedules remain flexible to provide quick turnaround times for equipment. We can also modify completed designs so that the equipment performs properly.

Panel Design

In the design stage, we begin customizing a panel solution to the specific needs of the customer. Designs require a high level of detail to capture the exact requirements of the application. The designs include fabrication, schematic, assembly, and diagram drawings. Our design teams can base designs on the customer’s reference drawings or begin designing the solution from the application’s requirements. If a reference drawing is not used, we send our drawing to the customer for approval before beginning the fabrication process.


After the design has been approved and evaluated through our quality assurance program, our teams organize the procurement of the components. UCI’s comprehensive quality plan covers the procurement of components by the vendors conducting fabrication of the panel.

The quality plan travels with UCI personnel throughout the remainder of the project. The quality plan, and all other project documents, must be approved by our engineers and the customer before the project continues. Whether the vendor performing fabrication receives the components directly from UCI or from an approved vendor, the same strict requirements for testing and dedication are applied and verified.


UCI utilizes audited vendors for our fabrication process. Extensive measures ensure that our vendors apply the same rigid quality standards that control quality in our own facilities. A UCI Certified Weld Inspector and Technical Specialist witness the entire fabrication process from start to finish, validating it against safety and quality requirements. Our processes follow American Welding Specifications and 10CFR51 regulations, as well as customer-specific requirements. In addition, we use a Requirements Traceability Matrix to trace requirements for specific tests to confirm that all customer specifications are met and equipment performance aligns with all requirements.

Integration & Assembly

Once the panel is fabricated, the parts are tested and dedicated before our technicians begin the assembly process. We use a detailed assembly procedure and the specifications of the design drawings to ensure that the panel is assembled to exact specifications.

Because we customize our processes to individual customer requirements, we can remain flexible at the assembly phase. After fabrication, additional components may be integrated into the design, following the same quality controls that governed the original assembly.


Our testing process for assembled panels is designed to evaluate the equipment’s functionality for its specific application. For safety projects, our team follows the testing specifications provided by the customer, as well as all applicable industry standards. This ensures that equipment operates safely and within the customer’s required tolerances. For non-safety projects, we conduct general functionality testing to ensure all components function to specifications.

Functionality Testing

Examples of functionality tests applied to assembled panels include:

  • Alarm tests
  • Worst-case scenario testing
  • Seismic testing
  • Environmental chamber testing

UCI also fabricates test rigs designed specifically to mimic the conditions of the customer’s plant. Using the test rig and a replica of the panel, our team tests speed sensors, magnetic plugs, rpm, welding, and gaps. Every detail of the panel is thoroughly inspected and tested in its actual operating environment. The simulated environment extends outside of the plant application, as well. We perform seismic testing and environmental electromagnetic verification fitted to the location and conditions of the customer’s plant.

An extensive quality assurance process follows and verifies the testing procedures. We fill out a Nuclear Qualification Report and a Certificate of Conformance, depending on the requirements of the project, to provide documented evidence of the panels’ performance. All documentation generated throughout the project receives a final review to ensure that each step has been signed and approved.

UCI’s control panel services demonstrate our commitment to both innovation and quality. Our agile design teams develop creative solutions for all of our customers’ needs, while our extensive quality controls ensure that solutions are reliable and meet the highest industry standards.