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Advanced Rotors

Advanced Rotors specializes in repair & new manufacture of rotors and stators for electric motors. They pride themselves in meeting deadlines and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet our service needs. They are also an EASA Association member.

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Amco Enclosures

With over 70 years of experience, IMS is a recognized leader in the design, manufacture standard and custom cabinets, enclosures and consoles for all segments of industry. Their initial role in the market place was as a supplier to the US Military for various projects and programs. The attention to detail as a supplier created a standard line of enclosures that still sets the industry standard to this date. They can also modify standard enclosures products), or create custom enclosures to meet our specific requirements.

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Atl Rod and Manufacturing

Founded in 1981, Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a woman-owned, domestic manufacturer of anchor bolts, headed bolts, specialty and domestic nuts, exotic and specialty fasteners, and concrete embedments located in Lavonia, Georgia. Using all domestic raw materials, Atlanta Rod forges bolts from 3/8” to 2 1/4” and hot form nuts from 3/8” to 4” diameter for standard fasteners as well as custom specialty and non‐standard products. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Atlanta Rod is committed to making high-quality domestic fasteners.

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Evans Enterprises, Inc.

For over 50 years, Evans Enterprises, Inc. has provided first class plant services and products, including selling, servicing and supporting all types and sizes of electric motors & generators, controls, and related driven equipment. They also provide many value added services like vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, laser alignment, switchgear repair, complete machining capabilities, crane & hoist service, pump, fan & gearbox repair and much more.

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Nord-Lock is the leader in bolted joint security for 30 years. Their wedge locking design is based upon tension…not friction… which cannot be defeated by vibration. They offer a unique combination of bolting expertise and a wide product range in Nord-Lock wedge‐locking solutions and Superbolt tensioners. Nord-Lock bolting expertise allows them to solve your toughest bolting challenges in every major industry including oil & gas, energy, transportation and mining.

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Raptor Power Supplies

Raptor Power Systems has stock and custom PDUs, DC to AC Inverters, DC to DC Converters, AC Frequency Converters, and UPS’s that can deliver for military, shipboard, energy, industrial, and aerospace applications. When you need the strongest, most reliable product on the market, choose Raptor Power Systems.

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Royal Purple

Royal Purple’s line of high performance lubricants, oils and greases is specifically engineered to handle the world’s toughest industrial applications. Their industry experts have strengthened their premium base oils with proprietary additive technologies to create a range of very specific industrial lubrication products that outperform other synthetic and mineral-based oils, including in the most extreme environments.


Roxtec develops, manufactures, and sells complete sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. Their modular-based seals are the foundation, but their sustainable growth is primarily built on committed personnel, strong values, and a clear customer focus. Their close co-operation with customers and the teamwork within their own global organization create excellent conditions for continuous improvement. They enable Roxtec to tailor new solutions – and stimulate Roxtec to keep on exploring new markets.

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In 2011 the Nord-Lock Group acquired Superbolt Inc. and P&S Vorspannsysteme AG (today Nord-Lock AG). At both locations Superbolt develops and manufactures high-quality multi-jackbolt tensioners. Thanks to this almost four-decade tradition, Superbolt is known for cost-effective bolting solutions in every major industry, all over the world. And now, with the Nord-Lock Group, their unique combination of innovative technology and expertise enables them to solve the toughest bolting challenges.

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Thermometrics Corporation

Thermometrics Corporation specializes in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the measuring of temperature. Their capabilities include not only the manufacturing of RTD and Thermocouple temperature sensors, but also of custom fittings and special hardware to complement these sensors.

Knick- Interface

Knick manufactures a broad range of electrical interface products, including universal signal conditioners for measuring DC voltages and currents with galvanic isolation, active and passive isolators for standard signals, repeater power supplies for 2-wire sensors, transmitters for temperature and AC signals, and transducers for high voltages and shunt applications.  Knick products provide crucial benefits for applications with high demands on isolation, accuracy, signal transmission speed and long-term stability.