Nuclear Dedication & Qualification Services

Dedication & Qualification

Previously Qualified Parts

United Controls International (UCI) is committed to meeting the entire scope of our customers’ nuclear generation needs. Our approach to commercial-grade dedication and equipment qualification involves a combination of strict quality control and flexibility with customer requirements.

UCI promotes a culture of innovation. We continually strive to find new solutions to help our customers with processes that include sourcing obsolete parts, engineering components, and fulfilling other emergent needs, such as filling expedited orders. Our extensive quality assurance program ensures that the innovative solutions we provide meet the highest industry standards.

Industry Standards

Some of the standards that govern our dedication and qualification efforts include:

  • IEEE 344
  • IEEE 323
  • IEEE 383
  • NQA-1

We complete commercial-grade dedication for safety-related applications in accordance with EPRI-5652. Our dedication process centers on a comprehensive Commercial Grade Dedication Specification. This includes a technical evaluation of the item and a description of its critical characteristics, datasheets, acceptance criteria, and test procedures. The dedication procedure evaluates and validates the essential performance features of the component, as well as the customer’s specific requirements.

A detailed Nuclear Qualification Test Plan organizes our qualification process. This describes the environmental conditions of the component’s intended application, as well as the types of testing required to confirm its suitability. UCI is capable of performing fragility testing, seismic analysis and simulation testing, as well as environmental qualification. A Nuclear Qualification Report is issued to the customer once the qualification testing is accepted.

UCI dedication and qualification projects are in alignment with the highest quality standards. The Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) has performed a supplier audit of UCI under the NIAC shared audit program. NIAC member audits are conducted using the highest performance standards in the industry, and we uphold these standards with all of our processes.

Seismic Analysis and Simulation Testing

UCI lab facilities evaluate components for their ability to withstand seismic events, such as an earthquake or vibration from other equipment. The parameters we test are tailored to customer specifications, including location and surrounding equipment, and customized seismic curves can be implemented to refine the testing process to exact customer specifications. With fragility testing, we are able to determine the capacity of equipment to endure seismic events.

As with other types of testing, our seismic testing procedures are optimized for each type of equipment. We test smaller components on our seismic table, and for larger equipment, we apply simulations to designs. This allows finite element analysis and other types of seismic evaluations.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of engineers who focus specifically on seismic and equipment qualification. For large-scale seismic tests, we collaborate with our audited partnering labs that apply the same rigid quality standards as our own facilities.

Constant Analyses

Some of the many types of equipment UCI technicians regularly analyze include:

  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Lights
  • Contactors
  • Starters
  • Heaters

As part of UCI’s drive to create long-term working relationships with our customers, we keep control samples from seismic tests. This provides a baseline for future evaluations and eliminates the need for qualifying new equipment with the same specifications.

Environmental Qualification

Our environmental simulations evaluate the ability of products to withstand various environmental conditions. We offer a variety of tests to assess different aspects of the equipment. Accelerated aging simulates the item’s lifecycle to determine if the product can function to its expected end-of-life. Accident testing evaluates the ability of equipment to perform under specific events including radiation testing, LOCA, HELB, and thermal testing.

UCI strives to meet all of our customers’ needs for environmental qualification. Tests not available in house can be performed through our audited partnering facilities with the same quality standards and controls. Some of the capabilities offered through our partnering labs include electromagnetic and radiofrequency interference testing (in accordance with EPRI TR-102323) and loss of containment testing.

At UCI, we provide our customers with the flexibility to meet their complex nuclear generation requirements and the quality to ensure the highest industry standards are followed. Our teams apply their expertise alongside their agility, ensuring high quality in all of our services.