UCI QDC Electrical Connector

Product Description

United Controls International (UCI) has engineered and developed a quick-disconnect (QDC) Electrical Connector. Our connectors are cost-effcient and available for purchase direct from UCI.

Upon customer request, these connectors can be qualified and supplied to meet Harsh environment specifications. UCI is well-known for their stringent quality assurance program capable of meeting NQA-1, 10CFR21, and 10CFR50 Appendix B requirements

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Product Features

  • Static Seal Gland Groove Design
  • Back-Up Compression Seal
  • Easy Grip Lock Ring
  • Visual, Audible, and Tactile Locking Mechanism
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Simple Installation and Assembly

Qualification Standards

  • IEEE 323 - Environmental Qualification
  • IEEE 344 - Seismic Qualification
  • IEEE 382 - Qualification of Line Mounted Actuators
  • IEEE 572 - Qualification of Connection Assemblies

Functional Specifications

Dielectric Withstand 60 sec at 2200 VAC; Leakage Current ≤ 5 mA
Insulation Resistance 15 sec at 500VDC; IR ≥ 10 GΩ

Electrical Specifications

Wire Size 10 AWG to 20 AWG
Number of Wires 3 to 8 (Depending on Wire Size)
Rated Voltage 600 Volts
Rated Current 194 °F 7.5 to 23 Amps (Depending on Wire Size)
Contact Resistance 0.008 to 0.002 Ω (Depending on Wire Size)

Physical Specifications

Connector Weight 0.5 LB
Receptacle Weight 0.3 LB
Length (Connected) 5.8"
Diameter (Max) 1.6"

Qualification Specifications

Qualified Life 60 years at 144°F (plus Abnormal Events)
Radiation 320 Mrad-air TID (Normal and Accident)
Seismic 10g (SSE)
LOCA 500°F, 80 psig, Chemical Spray, 100% Relative Humidity (RH), Submergence
Post-accident Aging Equivalent to 1 year at 200°F
Submergence 1 year at 285°F, 62 psia