Quality Assurance Program

At United Controls International (UCI), we are committed to being the Quality Behind the Power. This means maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the entire life-cycle of supplying all items and services to the nuclear industry. UCI’s thorough Quality Assurance (QA) Program ensures that all quality requirements, specified in the applicable industry codes, standards, specifications, and customer purchase orders, are met in every item and service we provide.

Our robust quality assurance program meets the requirements of:
  • 10CFR 50 Appendix B
  • 10CFR Part 21
  • NQA-1 2008/2009a/2015
  • ISO 9001
  • CSA-N299 / Z299
UCI’s QA Program is audited by:
  • NIAC
  • DOE
  • EPCs
  • Other U.S. and International Nuclear Utilities / Suppliers

UCI’s commitment to quality standards extends to our suppliers and sub-suppliers. All items and services are procured from either original equipment manufacturers, authorized distributors, or audited / surveyed suppliers to ensure that all quality standards are met. UCI performs a thorough receipt inspection to detect counterfeit, fraudulent, and suspect items. Supplier evaluations are performed periodically to verify that the highest quality standards are maintained for the items and services UCI provides. Annual internal audits are performed by certified lead auditors to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of implemented quality programs. UCI verifies that all special processes such as welding, brazing, soldering, tests and inspections, etc. are performed by certified / qualified personnel using calibrated equipment and approved procedures.

UCI promotes and maintains a nuclear safety culture. An internal focus is placed on continuous improvement of our processes through a strong corrective action program and employee development through vigorous training. All employees are trained on the characteristics of a healthy nuclear safety culture and proper quality standard practices in order to help uphold this culture within the company. UCI’s management and leadership team is committed to emphasizing safety and quality over competing goals to ensure the protection of our employees, customers, sub-suppliers, community, and environment.

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